A brief online test is required for completion to test your knowledge and understanding of the session content. The online assessments are accessible via this web site.

As a Facilitator, you can keep track of your Participants Progress.

As the church group facilitator you (or your delegate) are given teacher level access to the online learning portal. (C3 College Online is utilising the open source learning management system called Moodle to host all its courses). Using this system, you will need to:

  • Register each participant so they can access the online assessment and other online resources
  • Monitor their progress on assessments i.e. have they completed the assessment for each session?

Entering their details on the learning management system will also allow them to:

  • Communicate with you by email , instant message or discussion forum, saving you to have to send multiple answers to other participants about the same question
  • Participate in forums and discussions with people from C3 churches and other churches all around the world
  • Access exclusive interviews and videos from some of the worlds finest leaders
  • Watch DVD sessions they’ve missed, or re-watch previous DVD sessions
  • Play an active roll in the ongoing development of C3 College Online by suggesting improvements, recommending resources, videos, books and blogs for their fellow class participants and the broader student body
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